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Project Description

Bourgee Restaurant

When the Bourgee team wanted signage for their flagship restaurant in Southend they turned to Spira. Working with their design team we first created some banners to let people know what was coming. Once the building was ready we manufactured and fitted illuminated signage to the outside, complimenting the image and high standards of the restaurant. We also custom made a menu box to fit the curve of the exterior wall, all created in house at Spira.

We have worked closely with the Bourgee owners for the last few years helping them expand and branch out from their flag ship restaurant in Southend to their Chelmsord Premesis and then again at bury St Edmunds site earlier this year and now their second Southend site based within the London Southend Airport.
With these projects we were able to showcase our sign craft with the ‘sleak’ Bourgee look. Rolling out their trademark top end style and feel to various locations.